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A world is crumbling and it isn’t my own though some how I wish it was as to avoid the pain and heart break I sense is coming like an ominous storm on a crystalline horizon. I don’t believe I have ever mentioned this but Danny has a girlfriend. Tonight I get a phone call from her (since she is also a friend of mine) telling me she is trying to get a hold of Danny because something has happened. I am not going to say what simply because it is a delicate situation. I spent about an hour sending out a psychic call and sending my spiritual guardians out to find him just so I could tell him what was going on. Finally he appeared and at that point my calm demeanor was replaced with that of near terror simply because I was so afraid of what he might do. Luckily all he did was damn near break his hand by punching the shit out of the hood of his car. Trust me, it may sound bad but it is a wound he can bounce back from easily. Well a short while later he spoke to her and for a short time was at ease knowing that I had done all I could to help her and keep her safe. Suddenly in a flash as quickly the initial problem had come a new one arose. It seems there may be a chance that she is lying and could even be cheating on him. I pray to my Goddess that this is untrue…because if it is I swear by all that I am and by all the power I possess within my being I will call up the very forces of hell to destroy her and obliterate all that she ever was from this world. I ask for the truth to be revealed…but I pray for the lives of those involved that no such crime has occurred. For damnation awaits any who dare to cross my path with the intent to harm the man I love. I WILL destroy you!
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