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Buffy Does it Again...

So yet again Buffy the Vampire Slayer has helped me see a little more of myself and the world around me in a light that I should have paid a lot more attention to. From the time I actually started watching Buffy I have always been an avid Willow fan but despite all of my similarities to the uber wicca, its Buffy who I truly see a large amount of myself in. Believe it or not I do in some way consider myself a warrior. Granted my sword is the spells I sling and my strength comes from my psychic fortitude. It her views on life and the way she reacts to situations and explains who she is or how she feels and how no matter what she keeps fighting to surmount all of the odds against her. I may not patrol the streets of Indy at night for big bad demons and such but I do patrol my own mind, heart, and soul to fight and defeat my own demons…and currently I am winning the battle. I may not be on the sturdiest path as a normal person, but I can say with all that I am that I am a lot more in tune with the world around me then some of the most well established people on this planet. It may sound like I am trying to say I am better then you and them, but that’s not what I am saying at all. What I am saying is that even though I’m not moving down the same path as you and every other person on the streets doesn’t mean I am any less grounded or on course. My course is just a little different then everyone else’s.
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