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Gray clouds, silver linings, and the moments in between

So my day started off a little bit annoying. When I woke up I called Danny like I told him I would so he could come down to my apartment and we could hang out. I got in the shower after I called him just because I always feel it necessary to clean one self after having slept. I finished and changed and walked out of the bathroom, he was here on the computer checking his email and such. I went into my bedroom to put my jewelry back on and as I did this I hear the door close. When I come out he’s gone. I figured his roommate had called him to help him with something since he (Danny’s roommate for those of you who can’t keep up) has a broken leg. I called him to be sure and my suspicions were correct. I decided while I waited for Danny to return I would clean a little and start making something for us to eat. While the food is cooking I take out the trash and run into Danny and his roommate who were on their way back inside, I say hi in passing blah blah blah. After throwing out the trash and chatting with a few neighbors on the way back to my apartment I find Danny waiting for me at the door to our building holding the door open for me. I head on into my apartment to check on the food with him in toe and much like a puppy curious as to what I am cooking. I finish cooking and we sit down at my desk so we could eat and watch Avatar. But before we can his phone rings…god damn it can his roommate not survive even 5 min. without him, I think to myself knowing full well that Rik, Danny’s roommate, is fully capable of this…I was just getting annoyed because I wanted to spend time with Danny. Rik apparently had some kind of surprise for Danny so he heads back upstairs. Again I wait for about another 15-25 min. all the while my annoyance is building. So I decide to leave and head to the mall so I could get my keys to the store since I open the next day. In rout to the mall I call Danny to let him know I have left to head for the mall. He says he can drive me but I tell him I have already left. Well my telling him this came out with a slightly sharper edge then I had intended and I ended the conversation bay saying “I guess we’ll hang out later or something…” and hang up the phone before waiting to hear his response. I was being a little melodramatic about the whole thing I will admit. But damn it to hell all I wanted was to spend a little time with him…JUST him and I since we hadn’t really gotten to do that much lately. Back to my story, so as I’m walking I start to feel bad and decide to call him back. I tell him I would really like it if he could come and meet me out at the mall so we could at least hang out there. He agrees and I hang up feeling a little better but still kind of annoyed. Get to the mall, I get my keys, I look around in the music store…oh crap…I don’t have my wallet. I forgot it in Danny’s apartment from the night before so I call him up and lucky me he hadn’t left just yet. I ask him to bring my wallet and to meet me at Hottopic when he gets to the mall. I walk about a bit aimlessly for a couple moments and look about in Spencers and then head down to the meeting place (wow that makes it sound so much cooler then it really is). In there I wander about a look at stuff until he gets there…HUFF! Ok so now that that whole first part is done I can get to the good parts which will be much less detailed and boring. After he arrives we look about and of course he’s hungry since he didn’t get to eat while we were at my apartment. I wasn’t hungry but I would never refuse him food so I asked him what he wanted. He decided he wanted Chinese food and luck him…our mall is chalked full of em. So I get him his food and as we are walking to a table he goes. So on Thursday…we are going out. Huh? He then goes on to say that its been a while since we have gone out together…as in out out…like date out. I agreed that it had been awhile so I happily agreed to the outing. We chatted while he ate my mood much bright since he arrived and I finally had him all to myself. After he finishes we go look in a couple stores and in one I buy him a new shirt which he looks fabulous in if I do say so myself. After this point we just have a very pleasant time being out. We leave and come back to my apartment where my mother models her Halloween costume (she’s gonna be a gypsy). Danny and I then go to my room so that we can just hang out and so we are away from my mothers Boyfriend. We lay in my bed and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and a could Tim Burton short films (for Tim Burton is God). We had a really nice mellow evening together and I know that our bond is getting stronger by the day. He’s a lucky lucky boy that I love him so much…and I’m even luckier because he is a part of my life.
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