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Beauty comes with the dying seasons: Love is in the Air

My heart is on fire today and it seems like I could both laugh and cry all at the same time. It’s been another step forward and I pray we are able to avoid any steps back. Things are mildly improving at home and I think I am finally getting on track with my life. And me and Danny have grown a little closer.

He believes he and Allison are over…for good this time. We went out last night and just hung out not doing much of anything other then enjoying each others company. We went and sat in a park and simply talked for about an hour or two. We went to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things and came back home. During this time we were discussing getting together again the next day (today), and he said “Well I would come see you in the morning before I go to work but I am pretty sure you would be asleep.” I laughed and said partly in jest “Well you could always come down and crawl under the covers with me.” And he did…at around 7:00am he came down stares to my apartment and got in bed with me. Then when we woke up we just lazed about and again enjoyed each others company. It was a very good morning…and I suspect a better day will follow. Here’s hoping…

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