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The Illusion of Gender...

Black and white, this is how many people, be they of the past or present, view everything.

Black and white…

But is life, existence, really as simple as black and white? No, I don’t believe it is for many different reasons. The gray exists in everything no matter what one may think…there is always a gray area. In this instance I am referring to finding the gray in gender. In our society, everyone, regardless of race, nationality, sexuality, form of employment, or gender, is categorized…
Male, female, hermaphrodite, gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual…
All of these words and many more are used to categorize us from the moment we enter this world until the time we die. To all who do, do not, and only know me merely as an acquaintance I am a 23 year old, homosexual male. This is my category because this is how I have been placed by a system of static observations and assumptions that have been followed and applied since the world began. However, simply because it is as old as the first human thought, does that make it truly accurate and factual?

There are four aspects the make up every living and nonliving thing in the cosmos: Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.

These four things are the building blocks of our entire state of being…so now please allow me to pose yet another question. If a person is female in mind, heart, and spirit, yet physically male…dose that make them a man? If, again, in mind, heart, and soul you are male but physically female, does that make you a woman? I know that some of you who might be reading this are thinking yes. But can you tell me why? Can you explain to me why if for all intents and purposes a person is female, save for their physical form, WHY they are still classified as male? No, I honestly don’t believe you can. Life has shaped and molded us to think this way. From the moment of our births the aspects of gender are forever and constantly being shoved in our faces. Thusly this would, of course, create not only the firm belief but also the psychoses that everyone is fundamentally, regardless of what they feel or believe to be true, of the gender they were physically born with. I can’t be angry with people when they call me man, dude, bro, boy, brother, father, sir, mr., or son, because to them, simply because I have a penis, I am male despite my mind, heart, and soul.

I don’t expect people to acknowledge me as she, her, ms, miss, mrs., lady, girl, ma’am, woman, sister, or mother, because this would cause deep psychosomatic confusion for them. Yet is it fair to me to assume that I am male simply because I was born physically as such? Is it fair to that person over there that because they are masculine in all forms but physically that we call and assume that she is a she? Gender is an illusion that is so strong it effects even the strongest of minds and wills. And simply because I am writing this essay on the subject does not mean that I myself do no fall prey to said illusion because I assure you I do. I however, just as I am sure and know that there are other people out there with the same views as I, understand that life and existence is not nearly so simple as what we perceive it to be. Nothing is so static or, as I said at the beginning, black and white. We all fall into the gray whether we realize it or not.

It is do, however, to our preconceived ideas of gender and sexuality that people are moved to do such things as having themselves surgically altered into the gender that they know themselves to be inside. But no one ever really considers what’s on the inside first. That always comes much later and even then with some people it is nothing more then a superficial understanding or personalized perception of what and who we are. To many I am sure I am nothing more then a gender confused flaming faggot. The reason for this is because, again, physically I am male but because my personality and mannerisms are indeed feminine I am simply considered a flaming girly boy, a sissy, or just a freak.


The perpetual and ongoing illusion that will undoubtedly play a constant role in society until all comes to an end should that time ever come. I pray however that I am wrong and that people someday manage to see beyond the black and white of everything and into the deep and endless gray that exist in all…
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