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Oblivion...Part 2 The Whole Story

I’m worried about what might occur today when Danny goes to see her. I keep running through different scenarios of what could happen when he gets there, while he’s there, and after he leaves. I know that I have had the fear in the back of my mind that Allison might be cheating on him but until now I chalked it all up to malicious wishful thinking and jealousy. Now I have to wonder if it was my intuition warning me that something was wrong. Generally I am pretty good at listening to my gut reaction to things and generally I’m right. But when it comes to the people we love our entire emotional state is affected. We think something bad because the guy/girl we have feelings for is dating someone else. We naturally think things like “she’s not good enough” or “I bet she’ll cheat on him.” So it’s near impossible to tell when it’s your intuition screaming in your ear that the “other woman” really isn’t good for him. Problem right know is that I don’t know what’s really going on with her and as I said in my earlier post…Goddess help her if she hurts my love. But if you knew this girl it just doesn’t seem like something she would do. I mean I went to high school with her and we were pretty good friends. She was always really nice and smart. But it does seem like she goes through boyfriends like kleenex. The next couple of days will be bad for someone regardless be it Danny, Allison, or even myself. All I really hope for out of this situation is for the truth of what is REALLY going on to come to the fore. Because deep down I know something is not right with this situation and it will come to light one way or another simply because I refuse to allow my love to date someone while he is in the dark about the whole truth of a person. Last night was kind of scary to be quite honest. I was so afraid Danny was going to just go running off into the night shotgun in hand ready to put a bullet in the mother fucker who MIGHT be behind all of this. Ok…I guess it’s full story time.

Last night I am just hanging out over at my friend Nicole’s house about ready to hop on her computer to do some research for a picture I have been thinking about drawing the last couple of days. Well as I walk back to the office my phone rings and it’s Allison, which is odd anyway since she NEVER just calls me. Granted she doesn’t call to talk to me anyway, she calls for Danny because generally if he isn’t at home or work then he is generally with me or on his way to see her. I answer and of course she asks for Danny, well Danny wasn’t with me at the time. I actually hadn’t seen him at all that day which wasn’t really that odd since Danny works so much. Well she then proceeds to tell me that her ex-boyfriend came by to see her and decided he was going to rough her up a bit. Yes, that’s correct she said he beat her up. Well of course every feminine fiber in my being bristles at this point and I am ready to put on my three inch heal boots and go bust some balls, first however I needed to tend to the task of making sure she was ok. Now to some of you I know it might seem odd that I of all people would want to run to the rescue of the girl dating the man I love. Not so strange actually if you really think about it. I want him to be happy and clearly she is what makes him happy at this current point in his life…so my natural reaction is to preserve her well being no matter how I might feel about her…and she is still a friend after all. Well while she is giving me the details I catch the random tail of a thought that goes running through my brain, “she’s lying”. Well being that it was just a quiet remnant of a thought I didn’t pay it much mind. I continue to tell her what she needs to do to keep herself self for the evening at least. I tell her to make sure she lets the police know and to inform her RA and the school. I also tell her that she needs to go stay the night with a friend so that she isn’t alone for the evening. Well as I am talking to her and she is responding I do sense nervous edge in her voice however she didn’t have the panicky fear in her voice that one would expect from a girl who had just been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend only a short while ago. Again however it didn’t really register with me right away at least not until later. Now to some of you this might not sound all that odd. I mean after all maybe she is just a strong willed person with a nice amount of fortitude. No I think not sorry to tell yah. Allison is a tiny little emo girl from a rich family. She has no idea of how to defend herself properly and I imagine she has the upper body strength of a new born Chihuahua. According to her, her ex beat her up but the only mark she has to show for it was a mark on her knee…hmm. I asked her if she had spoken to Danny at ALL which is when she told me that apparently he had been in Bloomington to see her that day. She said he had called her but she had to give him the brush off because the guy was still there. The moment I heard this I got this image of her sitting there on the floor of her dorm room all roughed up trying to get off the phone…all the while her evil ex stand above her glaring down at her mouth “not a word bitch”. Again however a thought passed through my mind that she’s lying to me. It wasn’t until after I got off the phone and the fear set into me that I started to think over the possibility that she might be lying to me in an attempt to save her ass. Here is my theory: What if Danny came to Bloomington unexpectedly because he had the time and just wanted to drop in and surprise his girlfriend. Allison not expecting Danny at all that day decide she is going to give ex-bf Jonny a jingle to come on over to mess around or what have you. He arrives and they do whatever it is they plan to do when she gets a phone call from Danny saying that he is down in the parking lot of the dorm. So naturally she gives him the brush off making it sound like someone is there that he wouldn’t want to be around (this point becomes relevant later on when Danny arrives at Nicole’s and tells me that he though Allison’s parents might have been there…they don’t like him all that much.) Danny, being understanding most likely went over to the mall or something to wait out the random visitor in the hopes that he might get to see her later. Now in a panicky haze, Allison has to come up with a legitimate reason for WHY she gave him the brush off. She most likely came up with the story sometime after the ex left seeing as how I am sure he wouldn’t appreciate being framed as an assailant. Allison, who thinks that by this time Danny has gone on home back to indy attempts to call him at his apartment but no one answers the phone. Plan B, call Dustin. Now Allison knew me in high school and knows that I am ALL about helping people, especially people I care about, not to mention I am one of the closet people to Danny, if I told him what had happened as well has her he would have to believe it! So she calls me, I answer and get the whole story from her and tell her what she needs to do in order to keep herself safe. And this is where my theory ends and the next half of the story occurs.

I am upset, very upset by this time. Not so much for Allison’s well being but because I am worried about what Danny might do when I tell him. I couldn’t stay inside the house because there were to many people and all of their chaotic energy was a bit more then my stressed mind could handle at the moment. All of my energy was displaced and coming off of me in waves. I walk into the living room and Tracy instantly picks up on it since her head begins to hurt the moment I walk into the room. I even affected her boyfriend who is by far the most mundane out of us in the room at the time. I go outside in an attempt to clear my head and in the quiet of the suburban night I was able to begin thinking on this a bit more clearly. That’s when the true fear of my above theory begins to form in my head but even still I am worried about Allison and am trying will all of my might to find a way to contact Danny to let him know. My phone rings again and again its Allison calling to tell me that Danny once again tried to call her but she missed the phone call. Apparently he called her from some random phone with a California area code and every time she tried to call him back it would say the phone was disconnected. Danny was alone when he went up there and I can’t imagine he would be so brash as to ask some random passerby to use their phone so he might call his girlfriend. Beyond this had he called her from a pay phone it would have had an Indiana area code and her called ID would have either said payphone or listed the number for the payphone which would have had the same area code as Bloomington. So what’s this random number Danny called her from? Well after about an hour of waiting Danny arrived at Nicole’s just as I suspected he would. When I told him he reacted better then I honestly thought he would. Oh, he was still enraged but I think he was more confounded then anything else. He ranted a moment the proceeded to punch the hood of his car and damn near broke his hand…I will have to make something later to fix that. Anyway, I then hand him my phone so he can call and check on her. This first conversation lasted only a short while, I have to wonder what was going on because she asked if she could call him back but I didn’t ask since my mind was else where and I was still rather upset. And because of this I forget to ask him all of the questions that are jumping around in my mind. We then go inside and begin talking about something’s dealing with my guilt over the situation…long story for another day. We then get into a deep conversation about us and then my phone rings; it’s her calling him back. They talk for about 15min and then he returns the phone and seems to be dealing with the situation a lot better now since he is back to joking and smiling. I however am not ok at this point because for some reason I am still worried and upset about something but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out WHY I was so freaked. This isn’t the first time I have had to deal with a friend getting beaten up by and ex lover, nor am I generally upset by things like this since I have a generally calm disposition. Something was nagging at the back of my mind and I could get a good grasp of what it was. I go back outside and out of the chaos of the house in yet another attempt to clear my head so that I can attempt to make sense of this whole thing. Well after a while I come up with nothing and am still upset…somewhere between the realms of stressed, depressed, and mad as hell. I decide I need a drink to calm myself down and basically taking my current emotional state as little more then stress. I have three shots of vodka and then allot to take one more just to quicken the calming. Well it works pretty well and my nerves settle but my mind sharpens. Now that the emotions chaos is gone logic comes in to play her hand at things and help me out. Well at this point Danny has vanished back to the computer room to get onto Nicole’s computer. When I come back there to see how he is doing his demeanor has changed completely back to the grave disposition he had before. I look over his shoulder and he is looking at a myspace page that to me appears as completely random. I then ask if it belongs to the ex boyfriend and Danny confirms of suspicions. That’s when I take note of the guy’s myspace pic. It’s him with Allison’s head lying on his shoulder. Danny manages to figure out that this picture must be fairly recent since Allison has her lip piercing which she JUST got like 2 weeks ago or so. The picture was added sometime around March 26th which was last Monday. Danny then informs me that he got an email from this guy once before saying that Allison was cheating on Danny with him (the ex). I can only assume that when Danny got this email he took it for nothing more then the jealous ramblings of the scorned ex-boyfriend. But last night when he was sitting at the computer Danny was beginning to wonder if the guy hadn’t been telling him the truth. I began to wonder if my initial hunch about Ms. Allie wasn’t correct and not just my own jealousy whispering in my ear. We left the house shortly after that Danny still looking quite grim and was very deep in thought. I asked him at one point during the trip home what he was thinking. He looked at me and what I saw in his eyes damn near broke my heart. Yes, I did know what he was thinking and I didn’t need to use my telepathic link with him to figure it out. He was thinking “She’s cheating on me”. Not a question or even a true concern…he just thought it as though he knew it to be true. We parted ways when we got inside our building and I all I could think about was the look in his eyes and what might be coming around the bend. Today I went to the ex-boyfriends myspace just to perform my own little investigation. I found a blog entry he did entitled Allison (Her Last Name) Has Been Cheating On Me For A Month. This is what the entry states:

Nuff said really... I technically did not cheat on her cause we were'nt together at the time something happened with me and someone else (promise), but the thing is, I told her the next day about what I did, cause I felt bad... She hid this from me ever since we got back together. She's a lying cunt, and will always be. I can never trust her again.

The problem with something like this is that it could very well be just simple jealous slander but at the same time I have to wonder if the guy isn’t telling the truth. The other issue is that the blog entry was posted YESTERDAY. The day this whole thing went down. I have to wonder if Allison wasn’t two timing both guys. However I have looked over his page…he has this entry about Allison yet in his About Me section he states that he is single and makes it sound as though he has been for quite some time. He makes no real mention of her in any of his past blog entries however if he did have a girlfriend at all during the period of time that passed as I read the blog he doesn’t mention them either. First glance the guy is very politically minded in the since that he is COMPLETELY against the war in Iraq and has a strong hatred for Bush. Beyond this it is clear he is in a band and music is pretty much what makes his world go round. I have had to deal with musicians before and one thing that is true is that girlfriends, even if they are very important, take a back seat to the band and the music. Beyond this I know little to nothing about the guy. Really I am over all of this detective work and would really just like to have the truth come to light so that the people who get hurt by the circumstances can get hurt and begin to heal. On a personal note…I have never thought it was such a good idea for Danny to begin dating Allison again anyway. After they broke up the first time Danny went into a kind of self imposed punishment that lasted for damn near 5 years…I do NOT want to see that happen again but I fear that should things not go well today when he goes to see her he very well might turn into a monk and I refuse to allow that to happen. I have the feeling I am going to be on edge most of the day thinking about this and hoping for the best. I guess we’ll see soon enough…
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