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Fighting for What I Hold Closest to my Heart...

It's hard as many of you know to be in love with someone and to NOT have their feelings of love in return. It’s just as hard if not harder to see the person you love with someone else.’s infinitely difficult and unfathomably painful to be in love with someone who is with someone else…and you know in your heart of hearts that they love you back and are just too scared comprehend it. Such is my situation. Twice now…from people I care deeply for have I been told I just need to get over him and move on. I refuse and am disappointed by these remarks. I WILL NOT give up on something I feel so strongly and KNOW to be true. To give up the fight for the man I love would be a coward’s way out and I refuse to take the easy way out of this because nothing worth having is ever simply handed to you. Yes he hurts me and yes maybe he isn’t ready to accept the way he feels…but that does not mean I just call it quits. I tried to do that and my heart AND mind just wouldn’t allow it because of all that I know to be true about him and how he feels. I may sound obsessed to some of you I am sure…and that’s because you haven’t been in my boat and I pray that you never are. I love this man more then anything in this entire world and I would give up my very life if it meant it might save his. And I know he would do the same for me if the situation dictated it. Love is complex and fickle and hardly ever straight forward yet so many people expect it to be so clear an understandable. And when an enigma of the heart faces them they play it off as nothing more then obsession or worse. To those of you that would tell me to give up and look else where…save it because you couldn’t possibly understands or hope to see it from my point of view…nor should you for it’s a pain I wish on no ones head. I simply ask to have the faith of those who know me. Know that I am not so blinded by my emotions that I am seeing things that aren’t really there. This is a battle that I and I alone can handle because it is a battle of and for my heart…and it is one I intend to win.
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