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I love Unicorns!

Ok so last night was my friend Brittany's bachelorette party. We first went to Olive Garden for dinner and had a horrid waitress who really didn’t start paying attention until we started bitching about EVERYTHING. Then we left for downtown and went to a blue bar better known as the Slippery Noodle. It’s an awesome place with some really great music and they make a mean cosmo that will knock you on your ass. After that we went to club Sub-Terra. Super posh and elegant with velvet couches and curtains everywhere and they played some really great music…Oh, and Brittany also got a lap dance from a SUPER hot guy randomly. Oh yes, twas very very nice! I wanted one to! *pouts*. Well after we left Sub-Terra we looked about trying to decide where to hit next and the finally opted to hit our main destination of the evening…The Unicorn club. Now before I continue with the high light of this story please let me say this. I had never been to a strip club before this and after last night I am VERY confused as to WHY I have never gone! Ok, The Unicorn is, as I said, a strip. To be more specific…it’s a male strip club, and a very nice one I might add. Now I had heard tales of the Unicorn before this of course and all of them had cast this place in a rather bad light saying that it was really sleazy and what not. Because of this, and me feeling I always have to maintain an aire of class…never wanted to go. Hell when I found out we were going I had no interest in even looking at the building, and then we walked inside. Dear sweet Jesus I have died and gone to half naked man heaven. All pretenses about class flew out the door…well…kind of. Megan, our downtown guide and queen of all that is hip and cool was greeted immediately upon entering the door by some of the dancers and staff...YAY for connection! So we took our seats and began watching the…*ahem!*…show. My eyes were mostly glued to the stage until I was tapped by Megan who pointed over at Brittany whom I then noticed was getting a very lovely lap dance…oh my god! Then after that another dancer came over and was chatting with the girls…I was off in la la land somewhere. And then I get poked again by Megan who points at Nicole this time who was…uh…getting some rather special attention from a very nice man in a hard hat. He became her favorite for the evening. Megan the proceeded by going up to the stage and laying down where the guy did rather naughty things to her. Ok…getting jealous now…when does Dustin get a lap dance. Ask and ye shall receive! I was actually forced to walk up to the stange and place a dollar in the thong strap of one of my favorite dancers of the evening who had the cute and funny stage name of Chippy. Pale, blond, and clad in nothing more then a black thong, leather cuff bracelets, and a black spiked choker…omg I think I just creamed myself. Oh and there was…grinding involved…lovely. So then we sat and drank and what not…and then another dancer got on stage that really caught my eye. He goes by the name Cherokee, my absolute favorite of the whole evening. He wasn’t even so much my type…its because of the amount of attention he was showing me. He was cute don’t get me wrong…ok, that was a huge understatement. He wasn’t cute he was f-ing HOT. Anyway he came off stage and over to our table where he began to chat with Megan and then looked over at Tracy whose breasts he commented on since she was quite busty that evening. And then he looked and me and smiled really big and said hi. He asked if I was drunk yet and told him I was getting there. He then leaned down to Tracy and said something to the effect of, get him drunk so I can rape him later. I almost feel off my bar stool with that one…and the fact I was wearing my boots with a three inch heel didn’t help much either. I basically replied that I didn’t need to be drunk for him to do whatever he wanted to me. Then the evil wench Megan who I think is fucking awesome as shit now told him that I thought he was cute. Of course I didn’t learn this until after he lit up bright with a smile and then came around the table to show his appreciation. Basically my night at the Unicorn was spent focusing my attentions on Cherokee and Chippy who both paid me a great deal of attention in return. I even followed by Megan’s example, after much coaxing, to go and lay down on stage where my dancer of choice Cherokee proceeded to do lots of entertaining things to me and actually kept me there a while longer then most of the other people…goodie goodie! And then before I left the stage he leaned down and whispered in my ear “you can put it anywhere you want”. Ooh, that sent a chill up my spine, he was referring to the money of course which I placed as close to his dick as I could without getting him in trouble. From there it was him taunting me and giving me little peeps shows on and off of stage. But let me state something now so no one gets the wrong idea. He was a super nice guy to, not all of our conversations involved something sexual. And when it came time to leave he came out and said goodbye to me first giving me a hug and said to be careful on the way home and I could tell it was genuine. So yes super nice, super hot guy whom I got to see a little more of then most of the guys I have known all my life…which is just fine. I defiantly plan on going back to the Unicorn and I will be sure to ask if he’s there...
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